The course of Norwegian fisheries as per 8th November

November 13, 2010 09:10

An even week for Atlanto Scandic herring - and another poor week for horse mackerel, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Atlanto Scandic herring
A week partly influenced by bad weather resulted in a total of 33.000 MT of which foreign vessels reported 5.000 MT. The herring has been taken in a fairly wide area from 70º N some 70 n.m NW of Andenes to 72º 30' N and 13º E, equalling 200 n.m from the same spot. As previously this autumn the size varies; the best size is found far northwest (371 g) and the smallest (265 g) closer to coast. Following sizes, the price also varies. The best price; NOK 4,60 - and the lowest observed at NOK 3,03 - with and overall average of NOK 4,06. For the smallest herring the price has been improving (calculated in øre/gram) because there is an increasing demand for herring to be filleted. The remaining quantity of the Nw quotas is 130.000 MT. In the forthcoming week it is expected to see more vessels going for herring in stead of horse mackerel. - A question still remains whether the best sized herring will continue to be isolated to the northwest.

Horse mackerel
A new week with high activity - and again with a poor result. Only 1500 MT were reported and small catches; the best being 125 MT. Following small volumes the price has smoothly been going up. By the beginning of the week the price was NOK 6,50. By the end of the week 1 krone higher. Summing up the season proves so far that the volumes are far below the surprising year of 2009. Hitherto 12.400 MT of horse mackerel have been caught against 43.000 MT last year. Those remembering will recall that the final volume last year was 72.000 MT. There is no signs this year to match this volume as vessels now are leaving the "horse" to go for herring.

North Sea herring
Some coastal vessels and a few purse seiners have been around for North Sea herring last week. Totally 14 catches were taken giving 1500 MT. The main part has been caught in the EU zone close to 59º N, 01º E (south west of Heimdal). As for Atlanto herring, there is an increasing demand for smaller herring and both Nw and Danish buyers paid NOK 3,29-3,85.

Coastal sprat
In Rogaland, more precisely in the vicinity of Forsand/Sandnes, some 140 MT of fairly good sized sprat were found. From Tønsberg 10 MT were reported. The requested quantity of 2.200 MT (by ‘King Oscar') is expected to be reached shortly.

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