The course of Norwegian fisheries as per 4th of April

April 4, 2011 15:07

The capelin season towards an end, - new price record for blue whiting - and herring in Rogaland with just a modest volume, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

The capelin quantity of the week was 10.500 MT and almost the entire quantity was delivered for meal&oil. Just 170 MT was used for roe pressing and close to 300 ready products from producers at sea. As the main part now is sold for meal&oil, the price level is influenced of the quality not longer being the best. The price adjustments by turn of the month also set lower minimum prices; NOK 0,9363.

Blue whiting
There were no huge quantities for blue whiting either last week, just two catches amounting to 1440 MT. As a compensation another price record was registered at NOK 5,10/kg. These catches were taken by St. Kilda and from the area it is reported to be promising observations.

Atlanto Scandic herring
As for the other species, there were small quantities for herring as well last week. 126 MT were registered and delivered at Skude freezing plant. Some ten vessels have been operating, but the herring have left the area and just scattered catches are taken.

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