The course of Norwegian fisheries as per 31st of January

February 2, 2011 15:15

Good fisheries and good prices for the Atlanto Scandic herring, - large quantities of mackerel and close to finishing for capelin in Icelandic waters, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Another good week for the Atlanto Scandic herring; a total of 42.100 MT were reported. - 700 MT were reported from foreign vessels.
The fisheries have taken place in a large area from south west off Andenes in the north and southwards towards Halten. During the weekend gales have dominated and thus just a few catches are registered. As usual the size varies; from 315 g at the best to 223 g at the lowest. The average size was 284 g. The prices have been rising through out January. The last week as well gave good prices. At the highest NOK 5,14 was noted - and at the low end; NOK 3,36. The average price for the week; NOK 4,74.
In the forthcoming week the weather is expected not to be the best. Following the migration speed, the herring is expected to reach the Møre-area by the end of this week. Several coastal vessels have finished their quotas, and higher activities by EU vessels are now expected.

The mackerel volume last week decreased and foreign vessels landed 8.000 MT in Norway. Considering January as a whole, 51.200 MT of mackerel have been sold. To match this quantity we have to go back till 2002 when 59.000 MT were sold at the auction. The fleet is moving further south and the catches are now taken south west of the Hebrides and southwards as far as west of Ireland. The size varies between 360-414 g with an increasing tendency to be above 400 g. The demand and prices are still favourable; between NOK 9,90 - 11,30.
As the mackerel moves southwards and following the fact that quotas are taken, it is expected to be less mackerel landed in Norway in weeks to come.

North Sea herring
Also less activity for the North Sea herring last week with just close to 1.400 MT from the North Sea. The catches in the North Sea are taken in the EU zone between N 59º and N 60º - and sold to Nw and Danish buyers for about 4 NOK/kg.

Capelin Iceland
Following that Iceland increased the quota by 125.000 MT, Norway got an increased quota of 3.500 MT. Thus three more vessels joined the fishing. As a total 8.900 MT were reported last week and of the 33 vessels setting sails west, only 2 has not been catching capelin. They were heading the gales waiting. The catches are sold to meal&oil at good prices. The price level is at NOK 2,30 and reaching NOK 2,65 at the best.

In the Barents Sea there is no activity so far.

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