The course of Norwegian fisheries as per 25th of October

November 2, 2010 15:24

High activity for horse mackerel, but with poor results, reports with reference to Norges Sidesalgslag.

Just tiny volumes remained in the EU zone by the beginning of the week and on Monday night catching was stopped. - 1.200 MT remain. To what extent this quantity will be caught, is uncertain. As a total; 233.000 MT of mackerel have been caught by Nw vessels this season. The total value is estimated to some 1,9 billion NOK with an average price of NOK 8,03. Last year Nw fishermen caught 121.000 MT equalling a value of 973 million NOK.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Fairly low activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring as fishing activity has been under the influence of "horse mackerel fever". Just 13.400 MT have been caught - which is the lowest weekly quantity this season. The herring has been taken in two different areas; in the "Smutthavet" (Loophole Sea) west off Helgeland and in more traditional areas north west off Andenes. In the western part the herring is of good size; 370 g as an average. In the northern part; 270 -360 g. Small quantities resulted in fairly good prices; NOK 3,90 as an average with the best beyond NOK 4,60. If the horse mackerel fisheries continue in a poor manner, it is expected that more vessels moves north for the herring.

Horse mackerel
High expectations to the full moon last weekend, led several vessels to the North Sea hunting for "the horse". Friday night some 70 vessels were counted at the AIS screen. Full moon, a high number of vessels and hard work resulted though in just in 3.400 MT. The prices came out at NOK 6 as an average with NOK 6,42 at the best. When entering this week, the weather conditions are not very favourable and still more low pressures are under their way. The result is easily that vessels prefer to sail northwards for the herring.

Coastal sprat
In Rogaland some 85 MT were caught under the full moon last week with fairly good sized sprat. Off Tønsberg one catch was reported with 8 MT.

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