The course of Norwegian fisheries as per 11th of october

October 14, 2010 15:34

Mackerel quotas close finishing - "fever" for horse mackerel among purse seiners, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Despite bad weather, last week came out as good in respect of mackerel fisheries reaching a total of 31.600 MT. Of this quantity some 12.000 MT were reported from foreign vessels. The size has varied. On Sunday there was a difference of 133 g between the smallest and best sized fish; 473 g at the best, 340 g at the lowest. The prices have been fairly high as we have seen over the last couple of weeks. The highest price was above 14 NOK and the average close to 10 NOK. The total catch so far in the season is 226.600 MT. In EU waters 107.100 MT have been caught and thus 7.900 MT remain to be taken. This quota is expected taken in the forthcoming week.
Atlanto Scandic herring
A week at the average, where 28.000 MT were caught. The best catches had herring mainly in the range of close to 300 g. When this type of herring disappeared, the fleet moved further north observing herring at 350 g as an average. With this favourable sized fish, the prices passed 4 NOK for the best paid catches. Following the horse mackerel "fever" it is expected that less vessels will participate for the herring in the following week. Some Faroese vessels are now as well after the herring in the northern areas.
Horse mackerel
Several vessels had high expectations to the new moon by the end of the week being positive for catching horse mackerel. But they were disappointed and the total catch amounted to only 2.300 MT. Beginning in the area south off Lindesnes, the fleet later moved northwest to the area west of "Egersundbanken". It seems at bit early yet for the horse mackerel to gather as the vessels had several hauls to get the quantity. The price has been between NOK 5,20 and 5,92. It is expected that several vessels intend to participate in the weeks to come. Remembering last year, a good season may result in some extra millions!
Ocean sprat
A few trawlers have set sail to the southern part of the North Sea for ocean sprat. So far 3 catches have been reported totalling 1700 MT. Good observations have been reported and daily catches in the range of 200 MT.

Coastal sprat
Thursday night Nordfjord was opened in addition to Hardanger within the previous limitations. No catches have been reported.

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