The Course of Fisheries as per 22nd of February 2010

February 24, 2010 08:47

Less activity on the Atlanto Scandic herring - capelin catching in the Barents Sea is well started and good catches of blue whiting reported from international waters, reports with reference to Sildelaget.

Atlanto Scandic herring

Following 6 weeks of extremely high activity, the catching of Atlanto Scandic herring halted somewhat last week. The total catch last week: 40.000 MT of which foreign vessels contributed with 1.800 MT.

Less activity is due to quotas now being fulfilled and several vessels are choosing to go for alternative species.

Also among the buyers the activity is reduced and some of the plants have already closed for the herring. Other species now demand plant capacity and the quality on the herring is not the best in the period a head. 11.700 MT was sold last week for meal&oil.

The catching takes place in an area from Ålesund to Karmøy with a few catches still in the Træna area. By 21st February the average price of the season was NOK 2,21 for consumption purposes and 2,09 for meal&oil.

Capelin in the Barents Sea

Last week 36.300 MT has been reported. The capelin is delivered in an area from Murmansk to Karmøy. Except three catches all the capelin has been sold to mixed production. The market gives disappointingly low prices and the average is just above minimum. The size varies from 37 to 45 pcs/kg and the grade of roe maturation by the end of the week had reached 13 %.

The fishing has been performed from just north of the North Cape to 50-60 n.m. Northeast of Slettnes.

Blue whiting

Last week 13.100 MT was reported. The fishing has been performed at Porcupine, at St. Kilda and by the end of the week also in international waters Southwest of Ireland; aprx 50° N and 15-16° W. From the latter area favourable weather and catching conditions are reported, while the fleet left St. Kilda due to bad weather.

The demand for blue whiting is good both for consumption purposes and for meal&oil. 5.350 MT is sold for consumption - mainly in Killibegs. The prices are good; NOK 2,20 - 2,30/kg and NOK 1,59 - 1,66 for meal&oil.

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