The Big Prawn Expands with two New Products

May 10, 2011 15:26

The Big Prawn Company is showing two exciting new products at The European Seafood Exposition 2011. The Big Prawn Company's Seafood Cocktail range is now available as unique multipacks and we are very excited that this product has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Prix d'Elite. Utilising the already familiar yogurt multipack format this selection pack offers consumers a choice of recipes in a single portion size, reports with reference to The Big Prawn Company.

Our Big & Juicy King Prawns from Thailand have been specially selected to ensure only the plumpest and tastiest are used, they are then frozen with an ultra low protective glaze and sealed in a vacuum pouch to maintain a bright, fresh prawn that stays ‘Big & Juicy' and tasting great. With no additives or heavy glaze there is nothing to hide, and to show how good they are we have packed them in a box with windows in the front and back so you can see exactly what you are buying.

Big & Juicy King Prawns are easy and convenient to defrost, with no mess or fuss. Being thin and flat, our pouch can be defrosted overnight in the fridge, or defrosted quickly by running under warm water. Our vacuum pouch has the other great advantage of preventing the prawns from drying out when thawing and the ultra light glaze ensures there is no excess liquid.

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