Tassal expanding salmon farming operations

February 19, 2010 15:50

Expansion of MF Lease 110 at Soldiers Point, in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel MFDP Area

Tassal Operations Pty Ltd is intending to lodge an application with the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) to expand our existing 14.96 hectare Soldiers Point marine farm lease off Bruny Island by an additional 6.918 hectares (a 46 per cent increase), reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Tassal.

The proposal is to extend the current lease at Soldiers Point by approximately 195 metres to the north west and 130 metres to the south east, which will enable an additional eight cages to be accommodated on the lease.

The lease at Soldiers Point is operated in conjunction with Lease 142 at Roberts Point, with each lease being stocked with smolts (young salmon) in alternate years. However, there is currently an imbalance in capacity between the two leases, which means that a part of the Soldiers Point input of smolts has to be accommodated at Roberts Point, alongside the previous year class of fish. The addition of eight extra cages at Soldiers allows us to segregate year classes between the two leases, while maintaining a consistent level of production from year-to-year.

Year class separation allows for improved fish health management and is best practice fish husbandry.
The expansion of the lease is not proposed to hold more fish in total between the Roberts Point and Soldiers Point leases, but to allow us to spread the existing production evenly between the two leases.
Overall production levels within the Huon River and D'Entrecasteaux Channel MFDP Areas are limited by a nitrogen cap imposed by DPIPWE.

Tassal is working to build relationships with our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate, and we are committed to providing opportunities for open dialogue between the company and our stakeholders. Tassal will provide an opportunity for individuals, community organisations, environmental groups and businesses in the local area, as well as users of the D'entrecasteaux Channel, to learn more about the proposed expansion.  We would welcome your feedback and be happy to answer any questions about the proposal.  If you are interested in obtaining more information, or have any questions, I would encourage you to either attend our upcoming Open Day (details of which are below) or contact Tassal Chief Sustainability Officer Linda Sams (contact details below).

To provide an opportunity for the local community to learn more about the operation of Tassal's marine farms, as well as the application to expand the current Soldier's Point lease, Tassal will conduct an Open Day between 10 am and 3 pm on Saturday 20 February 2010 at the Marine Discovery Centre (3509 Channel Highway, Woodbridge). 

The Open Day will include information displays as well as boat tours, taking people out to the lease site, providing commentary as to how the marine farm operates and what the expansion will involve.  Staff from Tassal will be available both on shore and on the boat to answer any questions and provide more information to members of the community.  Refreshments will also be available.
There is no requirement to RSVP for the Open Day event.  Please feel free to extend this invitation to anyone else you think may be interested in attending this session.

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