Sustainable seafood - the catch of a lifetime

March 1, 2010 16:12

In Australia, seafood plays a central role in the cuisine of our culture. From fish and chips to fine dining, we are proud of the quality of our seafood and the richness of culinary opportunities it offers, reports with reference to MSC.

However, over-fishing at home and abroad jeopardises the survival and availability of healthy seafood we have long taken for granted. The ocean's seafood is an invaluable resource that has fed generations since time immemorial.
Join this year's Sustainable Seafood Day

By supporting Sustainable Seafood Day on Friday 19 March and through purchasing Marine Stewardship Council certified products all year round, we can be part of a global effort to keep it that way.

 "Purchasing MSC certified products on Sustainable Seafood Day, is a ‘no ifs, no buts' pledge for a more sustainable tomorrow", says Patrick Caleo, MSC Manager Australia & New Zealand. "Sustainable Seafood Day is a point of engagement for consumers and food service professionals to be part of a global effort to help protect the supply of wild caught seafood we've always enjoyed on our plates and in our waters."

The MSC is an international, not-for profit, non government organisation committed to safeguarding seafood supplies. Its distinctive blue ecolabel offers consumers the assurance and means to easily identify sustainable seafood and encourages people to recognise and reward well managed fisheries.
MSC certified sustainable seafood has long history in Australia

Australia has been a long supporter of the MSC. Western Australia rock lobster was the first fishery certified to the MSC standard and important support from ALDI supermarkets, Birds Eye, John West and others have seen the number of MSC certified products available to Australian consumers grow increasingly rapidly. As of 31 January 2010, 52 MSC certified seafood products were on sale in Australia - a growth of 40% over the last year.

MSC certified favourites sold in Australia include: yellow eyed mullet from the Lakes and Coorong fishery in South Australia, New Zealand hoki and Western rock lobster from Western Australia. Other MSC-certified products regularly available in Australia include: Coorong pipis and mulloway, Alaska pollock and salmon.

Sustainable Seafood Day provides a focus for Australian consumers, retailers and foodservice to celebrate their support for sustainable fishing and encourage others to join in.

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