Sustainability Magazine “Together for fair fish” available for download

April 25, 2011 16:06

The magazine tells you five clear choices: fair additions, reduce waste, care for the local environment, employee development and fair raw materials, reports with reference to North Seafood.

With this link you can download the "Together for fair fish" magazine. Within you can read about the fair choices of NorthSeafood.

"We have made this magazine, because we would like to share our vision and knowledge with customers and other relations", says Lubbert Schenk, CEO at NorthSeafood. "We note that good things happen in this business, but we never tell about it. Through this magazine we want to explain our thinking on sustainability".

Schenk continues: "The core of our policy focuses on reducing waste. By reducing waste, we put less pressure on nature. In our magazine we take the example of an environmental care system. We show that we have our own water purification system and in this way NorthSeafood makes sure that it gives purified waste water back to nature".

"Another example that comes up in this magazine is our choice for sustainable raw materials. More and more we process MSC-certified plaice. It doesn't stop there, because we have regular consultations with cutter owners about quality and sustainability. We stand side by side with cutter owners who would like to sustain but need time to make the change", concludes Schenk.

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