Supply, Weather and Other Issues Impacting Salmon Market

December 22, 2010 10:05

Supply issues have dominated news about the farmed salmon market for years...  The bottom line is, there is still not enough salmon to go around, reports with reference to Santa Monica Seafood.

Limited supplies out of Norway and Chile puts incredible pressure on farmers in British Columbia and they can barely keep up. Unfortunately, increased demand means higher prices. This trend will continue well into 2011.

Sizing issues are adding to the problem. Most farms are limited on large fish, and many are short on smaller fish as well. We are trying to cover size needs, but sometimes our vendors short us without notice. In an effort to keep all our customers happy, we ask you to please be understanding if your sales rep contacts you to discuss working with a different size fish.

As you've most likely heard - Europe is experiencing some of their worst weather in recorded history. This is wreaking havoc on flights and will compound shipping issues on Irish and Scottish product.

Flexibility is key for all of us! We are buying all the salmon we can get our hands on - trust us. This is an industry-wide issue, and we're working hard to stay on top of the game.

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