Succeed Artificial Production of Crab

March 24, 2011 16:58

Busan Marine Fisheries Resources Research Institute(BMFRRI) announced that they succeeded in the artificial seed production of serrated swimming crab and released 500,000 crab for the first time on 11th March, reports with reference to Union Forsea Corp.

Serrated swimming crab is an endemic species inhabit in mouth of river like Nakdong en mass. It is well-known as the delicacy of the fall with firm flesh and good taste among gourmets.

The peak demand for this crab is usually September and October and it is sold at a high price because the catch is not enough to fill the demand.

BMFRRI researched on the ecology and the inhabiting environment of serrated swimming crab to check a growth and breed process from August 2009, and then embarked on the pilot production of artificial seed.

They said "The mass production system was built by the success of artificial seed. It is possible now to produce and to manage the endemic species by continuous mass releases."

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