Scientists recommend revision of flounder fishery regime

October 7, 2011 15:56

Russian scientists have checked condition of flounder stocks in the West Sakhalin subarea the abundance of which has been extremely low in the recent years, as well as the condition of other commercial stocks of Alaska pollock, cod and Atka mackerel, reports

The checks have confirmed depletion of West Sakhalin flounder stocks. The most valuable commercial flounder species yellowfin flounder, which have been dominating in catches in the recent years, has not showed strong abundance in any of the fishing areas checked. Moreover, both for yellowfin and other flounder species the scientists have observed a considerable decrease of average fish sizes which in combination with declining abundance confirm overexploitation of the stocks by the fishermen.

Thus, the scientists have concluded that change of the fishery regime for West Sakhalin flounder which took place three years ago has adversely affected the stock condition and therefore has to be revised.

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