Russian Pollock Fishermen Getting Additional Capture Quota to Defy South Korea Bid

July 18, 2011 16:14

Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency (FFA) is drafting an order towards transfer of a substantial underused foreign Pollock quota to fishermen of the Russian Far East, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

The information was disclosed by FFA in mid-July with the order to transfer 10 000 metric tons of Pollock quota to Russian companies to defy the Korean bid for an addition in the Bering Sea.

The allocated Pollock TAC in the Bering Sea for 2011 provided 57500 tonnes for foreigners leading to an underused remainder of 17500 tonnes.

Back in April earlier this year the South Koreans applied for an increase from this chunk but the strong opposition from the Russian Association of Pollock Harvesters has led to redistribution in favour of the Russian fishermen.

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