MSC certifiers and strong Russian team meeting in Vladivostok to proceed on Russia’s Pollock fishery

July 15, 2011 08:52

On 26 June through 8 July 2011 an MSC assessment group has visited Vladivostok within the framework of certification of Russia's pollock fishery towards compliance with MSC standards of sustainability, according to Russian Fish Insider Report published by  

The MSC experts worked side by side with a strong Russian team of Deputy Head of Federal Fisheries Agency Mr. V. Sokolov, Deputy Chief of the Centre of the Monitoring and Communication System Mr. A. Solodilov,  Head of Primorye Territorial Office of Federal Fisheries Agency  Mr. A. Ivankov and Director of TINRO-Centre Fishery Research Institute Mr. L. Bocharov.

According to the Russian officials, the experts have noted the solid legal base of the industry and the clearly formulated goals of the sector's development. A positive comment has also been made on the system of 10 year capture quota shares and the Fishing Rules making it possible to quickly respond to the changes in the fishery situation.

The assessment group has noted the well-running system of state control of fisheries, the efficient performance of the Satellite Monitoring Centre and a good interaction between the control and regulatory bodies.

The experts were reportedly impressed by the considerable scale of fishery surveys conducted by fishery research institutes of the Russian Far East. They have also confirmed that the Pollock stocks are managed in a precautionary way and that the required proof has been provided that the stocks are not being overfished.  


At the moment only Iturup Island pink & chum salmon fishery has been certified and two Russian companies hold MSC certificates:  JSC. Gidrostroy in the Russian Far East and  OOO Tehnolat in Kaliningrad.

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