Fishery Scientists Making Pollock TAC corrections and TAC Projections for Forthcoming Saury Season and in the Russian Far East

July 19, 2011 18:15

Fishery Scientists of Vladivostok TINRO-Centre Fishery Research Institute have produced their routine forecast for Saury Fishery Season-2011 and a corrected Pollock TAC for the ongoing season in the Primorye Subarea, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by


The saury fishery will unroll according to the cold year pattern which may affect negatively the formation of fishable saury schools. The TAC in the Russian EEZ has been reduced to 205 000 metric tons but this will not affect the catch because the exhaustion of the TAC by Russia and other nations will not normally exceed 20%. Specifically, the Russian fishermen took 38% of the allocation last year.

The start of stable fishery with catch rates of 5-8 tonnes per boat per day is expected around mid-August in the vicinity of the South Kuriles.

The projected efficiency of the fleets should be close to the level of 2009 and 2010 and as of September the fleets are expected to demonstrate catch rates of 15-20 tonnes per boat per day.


Based on good abundance during the latest survey the scientists have also produced advice to increase the Pollock TAC in the Primorye subarea by 4400 metric tons in 2011 and by 1850 tonnes in 2012.

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