Biologists are showing a rich North Sea

July 7, 2011 15:43

The North Sea stocks are doing very well, according to ICES fisheries biologists on recently presentation of the fishing advice for 2012, reports

The measures which are taken by the North Sea fishing companies are effective and are becoming noticeable. The fishing companies are investing more and more in innovation and management.

"We are moving towards a good recovery of the North Sea stocks and are coming closer to our goals: a rich sea and a variety of fish products" says Doeke Faber, president of Fish Product Board.

Dutch fishing companies are working according a so called "flatfish management plan". This method is becoming more and more effective and shows the commitment of fishing companies. Substantial growth of the plaice quota is possible. According to plan the growth is limited to 15%, and is therefore limited to 84,500 tons. Other species of flatfish like sole are also limited to a 15% growth. According to the advice the sole quota can grow to 15,700 tons.

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