Stavropol farm produces 100 tonnes of valuable fish and 500 kilos of caviar per year

June 28, 2007 13:02

At its stand at Seafood Russia 2007 Polyarnaya Zvezda (Pole Star) Fishing Co-op  based in Stavropol in the south of Russia demonstrated its capacities in the sphere of fish farming. More specifically, the co-op is engaged in farming of various species including sturgeons such as sterlet, Russian sturgeon, Russian-Siberian sturgeon and bester, along with tilapia, catfish, carp and silver carp.

Commercial sturgeon farming is carried out by the method of thermo-industrial process thus enabling the farm to offer the products practically all the year round.

Pole Star's output has been continuously growing. At present, the company harvests more than 100 tonnes of market-size fish per year and produces more than 500 kilos of caviar per year.

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Polyarnaya Zvezda SPK RK; 27a, Lenina str., 358016 Mischensky, Russia; tel.: +7 865 5041735, fax: +7865 5041734; e-mail:

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