Statistics of seafood production in Belarus in 2006

March 28, 2007 15:57

In 2006 in Belarus seafood production, canned fish inclusive, rose by 17.7% as compared to 2005.

According to the nation's Ministry of Statistics, in the year 2006 the country produced 65,760 metric tons of fish products. The above figure included 8000 tonnes of live and chilled fish (33.8% up on 2005), 4450 tonnes of smoked fish (20.9% up on 2005), 2850 tonnes of salted herring (1.7% down on 2005), 2300 tonnes of salted fish (other than herring) (34.5% up on 2005), 1900 of fish salted with spices and marinated fish (6.3% down on 2005), 469.1 tonnes of dried and dry-cured fish (21.3% up on 2005), 35 tonnes of frozen fish (3.5-fold on 2005), 10.4 tonnes of special-cut fish (13.3% down on 2005) and 3.2 tonnes of frozen fillets (3.2-fold on 2005).

Along with the above, in 2006 Belarus produced 21.7 million nominal canned fish units (a statistical unit equal to 325 grams) (2.2% down on 2005), 26,800 tonnes of ready-to-eat products (17% up on 2005), 7600 tonnes of caviar and roe products (36.9% up on 2005), 3500 tonnes of food products made from other than finfish aquatic species (24.4% up on 2005), 23.7 tonnes of balyk-style products (smoked fish, split fish, backs, etc.) (55.9% up on 2005), 29.8 tonnes of fish mince for human consumption (19.9% down on 2005) and 121 tonnes of dried fish soup.

In the year under analysis Belarus producers sold 56,900 tonnes of fish products, less canned fish, on the domestic and foreign markets. Seafood inventories of the nation's producers amounted to 1300 tonnes as per 1 January 2007 versus 1100 tonnes on the same day 2006.

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