Statistics of Russia's canned fish production in 2007

September 1, 2008 16:31

Russia's market of canned fish products (less canned roe) is estimated at ca.800,000-900,000 metric tons per year. In 2007 domestic production amounted to 775.1 million nominal cans of fish (ca.325gr), or 3.7% up on 2006, ( reports with reference to Esmerk.

Kaliningrad fish canning combine (Kaliningradsky Rybokonservnyi Kombinat), Polessk fish canning plant (Polessky Rybokonservnyi Zavod) based near Kaliningrad, Saint-Petersburg-based Rybokombinat Pischevik, Kreon and Dalmoreproduct maintain leading positions on the nation's canned fish market.

Import of ready-to-eat or canned fish, sturgeon caviar and other fish roe in 2007 amounted to 65,100 tonnes in volume and 96.9 million USD in value terms. Main suppliers were China with a share of 31.5%, Latvia with a share of 23.6% and the Ukraine with a share of 20.9%. The product range currently exceeds 800 canned fish items.

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