St. Petersburg producer to capitalize on growing demand for sturgeon products

June 20, 2008 12:55

By the end 2008 Rybnaya Federatsiya (Fish Federation) Company based in Leningrad region surrounding St. Petersburg and specialized in farming and breeding of trout and sturgeon species will launch a new farming facility in Sosnovy Bor, not far from St. Petersburg. The planned capacity of the first phase will amount to 100 tonnes per year. The complete cycle plant's capacity is to amount to 1000 tonnes per year by the year 2013. Building and equipping costs are to reach about USD4 - 5 million.

The Rybnaya Federatsiya Company was founded on the basis of a smaller fish farm (originally owned by LAES Nuclear Power Plant) founded in 1990 with a capacity of 15 tonnes of fish per year. The production volume in 2007 amounted to 60 tonnes per year. The company has been participating in the national project "The Development of Agroindustrial Complex" in the sphere of "aquaculture".

The new facility is to start operation at the end of 2008. The company plans to supply both live and processed fish to St. Petersburg and other cities of the North West Russia. According to some estimates, the current demand for sturgeon on St. Petersburg market amounts to 300 tonnes per year. At present 90% of sturgeon products in St. Petersburg are imported and in the situation when sturgeon species fishery is forbidden and the demand is high, the Rybnaya Federatsiya Company has good prospects for further development.

Contact details of the company:

Rybnaya Federatsiya, OOO

Box 51/5, 42 dom, der. Lipovo, Sosnovy Bor, 188540, Leningradskaya obl., Russia

Tel.:+7 813 692 1497,+7 911 019 08 02

Fax: +7 813 692 1497


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