Sprats, quality wines, white polled heath

September 9, 2010 14:04
How many fins does a fish have? Are they edible? When do fish taste best? Seafood lovers and consumers who strive for awareness about the food they eat will get answers to these and other questions at the trade fair SlowFisch which focuses on traditional products as well as on the experience and enjoyment of taste with all one's senses. SlowFisch invites visitors to the Bremen Exhibition Centre from 5 to 7 November 2010. In addition to well-known and less well-known prod-ucts the event offers numerous lectures and tastings, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Messe Bremen.
At the taste experience "Brown shrimp are processed differently in different countries - Can you taste the differences?" participants will be able to taste the answer. Other foods awaiting tasting will include organic char from Lüneburg Heath, trout from traditional farming, saltwater shrimps from local aquaculture, bream, and algae to name but a few.
Saraghina - a speciality from Emilia Romagna - is a very special fish. This sprat is caught using traditional methods between April and June and subsequently stored in salt for two to three months before being placed in brine in wooden barrels. During this process the fish develops special qualities which make it a unique speciality that Ital-ian fishermen will be presenting at SlowFisch.
This year SlowFisch visitors can try the special qualities of German fishes for the first time in the SlowFisch Bistro. Here, tomorrow's cooks from The Bremen Training Centre in Rübekamp will create delicious meals from regional fishes and seasonal side-dishes - all prepared in an open kitchen, of course, so that in addition to the culi-nary experience visitors can get a closer look at how everything is done and gain a lot of information around the product and its preparation. On the Saturday Johannes King, a Michelin star-awarded chef from Germany's North Sea island of Sylt, will be there to offer advice and tips. Trainees from the gastronomy department will make rec-ommendations for the right drink to suit each meal - for example ap-propriate wines from the neighbouring Vinothek. This is in the meantime a tradition at SlowFisch. Among this year's exhibitors, the 37 members of the German Barrique Forum, an association of vine growers and wine lovers, will present their best drops.
The lecture programme will be devoted to traditional fishes and their history. The Friday begins with topics for children and young people. There is a Painting Workshop where they can learn "Which fins has a fish got and how many?", and they will be able to go on exciting voyages over oceans and down rivers, hear stories from the fishing boat, or play the board game Wader Migration Game. In addition they can prepare Norwegian salmon for which the Norwegian Seafood Export Council will be publishing a collection of simple recipes. In the lecture "Whenever the rapeseed is in bloom" visitors can learn more about migratory fish species in German rivers. Where are which fish to be found? What do they feed on? What feeds on them and how do they protect themselves from falling prey to other species? The speakers will present various species, go into historical aspects, and report on current projects for resettlement of species that were believed lost.
Traditional and rediscovered products of all kinds will be presented in the SlowFisch marketplace. "A newcomer there will be salami made from the meat of white horned heath, meat balls and liver sausage from salt marsh calf, variations of the ‘Diepholz Moorschnucke' (white polled heath), a local cabbage speciality ‘Bremen Scheerkohl' and goat's cheese from Vulkaneifel in Rhineland-Palatinate," reports SlowFisch project manager Jürgen Fricke. "We want to display arti-san-made products and there's a lot to discover!"
The third SlowFisch takes place in Halls 1 and 2 of the Bremen Exhi-bition Centre from 5 to 7 November 2010. Tickets cost 8 EUR, or 6 EUR at reduced rate. Visitors to SlowFisch have free entry to ‘Reise-Lust' and ‘CARAVAN' which take place at the same time.
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