Сourse of Norwegian fisheries as per 5th of April 2010

April 6, 2010 15:20

A quiet week in the pelagic fisheries, almost no Atlanto Scandic herring,the capelin fisheries are coming to an end and quiet for the blue whiting fisheries, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

 Atlanto Scandic herring

This only 100 tonnes of herring has been caught divided among three boats. The herring has mostly left the area where the fisheries have taken place the last weeks.

That, and the Easter holidays has resulted in little activity in the area.

Capelin in the Bering Sea

This week almost 5 000 tonnes of capelin was brought up. The fisheries are almost at an end for the season and only 7-8 boats have been participating, including the vessels that are producing onboard.

The quota is nearly done and the small amount remaining is expected to be called in by the same producing boats early this week. The quality of this last caught capelin has been very good which should indicate that more fish is coming into the fishing area.

Blue whiting

This week catches ended up at just above 9 000 tonnes. The fisheries take place by St. Kilda but early in the week some catches were taken southeast of Rockall.

The price levels for consumption purposes at Killybegs and the Faroe Islands have varied between NOK 1,96 and NOK 2,35, mostly is has been at NOK 2,25. About 4 000 tonnes of the total amount have been delivered for meal/oil in Norway at price levels ranging from NOK 1,80 to NOK 1,90.

There is about 56 000 tonnes remaining on the total quota, a little over 23 000 tonnes for the whiting trawlers and about 31 000 tonnes for the "North Sea trawlers".

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