Some results of third round of Russian pollock roe auctions in Busan

April 6, 2010 09:38
From 30 March 2010 to 1 April 2010 at the Russian pollock roe auctions in Busan the total sales volume amounted to slightly less than 3000 tonnes with the prices levelling at 7-10 USD per kilo, according to the overview prepared by analysts of ( based on Japanese and Russian sources.

The level of prices as compared to the second round of seasonal sales did not change substantially and prices stayed at the level which they reached in the second round of auctions (from 23 to 25 March 2010 prices for products of medium and low quality rose by ca.10% as compared to the first seasonal auction sales and amounted to 7.00-8.00 USD per kilo, while prices of high quality products rose approximately by 30% to 10.00 USD per kilo). At the same time, the supply fairly unexpectedly declined by ca.30% as compared with the second round of auctions and prices in Yen appeared to be somewhat higher than in the second round of sales as the exchange rate of Yen to USD went down to 93 Yen per kilo and even lower than in the beginning of April 2010.

As for the participants of the third round of Russian pollock roe auctions in Busan, Kamchatka-based Akros and Vladivostok-based BAMR put their products up for sale again. Along with them such highly reputed producers as Lenina fishing co-op, Roliz and PBTF also participated in the auctions. Some sources said the largest Russian producer Okeanrybflot (Polluks) was planning to start selling at the auctions on the first week of April 2010 (the fourth round of seasonal auctions) thus causing a serious interest from the Japanese and other market participants due to the company's high production capacities and its market position in the recent years.

As far as the quality of products on offer is concerned, it was generally high (in terms of the products' maturity and size range) and that reflected in price bids. However, the outlook for further auctions caused definite doubts as in the course of fourth and fifth auctions the sellers would evidently offer March products and the share of overmature roe in the total supply on offer might grow. Besides, buyers preferences could be also influenced by new estimates of frozen pollock roe output on the Russian grounds in the A season, according to which the seasonal roe production could reach the level of 40,000 metric tons. Auction sales of Alaskan products in Seattle can also influence the situation. The supply offered at those auctions in April 2010 may reach 10,000 tonnes, as in the course of the first (March) round of auctions the sales volume did not reach 6000 tonnes.

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