Soft regime of state border crossing for fishing vessels being a success in Vladivostok

August 8, 2008 16:09

Simplified regime of state border crossing by vessels targeting fish resources has been showing good results in Vladivostok-led Primorsky Krai Territory. At present, 21 vessels work under the simplified order at sea, according to Novosti Federatsii.

The simplified order provides for issuing permits for multiple border crossing once a year, while earlier the fishermen had to process a permit each time when crossing the border of the 12-mile zone thus creating obstacles for inshore fisheries.

It is also important to develop transfrontier infrastructure of the region. More specifically, now there are five proper ports (Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Posiet, Vostochnyi Port and Olga) and 13 port points authorized for issuing permits for border crossing. Their capacity is limited and has to be increased by means of improved construction and better outfit.

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