Snails from Russian producers to conquer new markets

June 17, 2008 17:15

OOO Russkaya Ulitka Company (Russian Snail) has been successfully operating on the Russian market and has been the only plant in Russia processing edible snails of Helix Pomatia species.

As company representatives said to (, the products of the company are tasty, dietetic and ecological and have had a good showing in France, Lithuania and Germany. The company Russian Snail has good partner relations with the largest French snail processing plant Comargo. More specifically, the production process is fulfilled under control of French specialists.

In 2003 the Russian Snail Company presented its new label "Russkaya Ulitka (Russian Snail) on Moscow market. Since then, a wide range of products are supplied to HoReCA sector and supermarkets (Metro Cash & Carry, Azbooka Vkusa, Kalinka Stockmann, Billa, Marktkauft etc.) in Moscow.

At present the company aims to find new partners in other regions of Russia offering on the market such novelties as:

  • Snail stuffed in Burgundy style in boxes (12 pieces, weight 170g) at a price RUB120 (VAT 10%);
  • Snail stuffed in Burgundy style in bags (weight 500g) at a price RUB330 (VAT 10%).

The novelties are produced at the snail processing plant based in Kaliningrad in the West of Russia, the snails are harvested and processed in ecologically clean environment in the Kaliningrad region. The processing and stuffing is fulfilled in accordance with the norms of EU.


Weight per snail is 10 - 12g

Weight per shell without snail meat is 5 -7g

Size of the snail is 6 - 8 caliber (3.6; 3.8 cm in diameter)


The stuffed snails are packed into boxes (12 items each) and bags (weight 500g).


The expiry date (if kept under 18 degrees below zero) is 12 months.

Contact information

Russkaya Ulitka Company, OOO

Vl. 10, Marinsky park, Moscow, Russia

Contact Name: Mr. Alexey Viktorovich Starusev

Tel.: +7 916 259 45 44, +7 901 530 03 25


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