Slade Gorton achieving SQF LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATION

September 10, 2010 10:17

Slade Gorton proudly announces a significant accomplishment in achieving SQF LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATION further defining its leadership role in delivering high quality seafood products with confidence, reports with reference to Slade Gorton & Co.

"What is the SQF Program" SQF means Safe Quality Food. The SQF Program is a complete food safety and quality management certification system. It is designed specifically for the food industry and can be applied at all levels of the food supply chain. SQF provides independent certification that a product, process or service complies with international, regulatory and other specified standard(s), and enables a food supplier to give assurances that food has been produced, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards.

For further information regarding Safe Quality Foods visit their website at

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