Skretting help to Chile victims

April 15, 2010 12:41

Skretting employees around the world were moved in the emotional sense by the earthquake that struck Chile in February 2010. At 8.8 on the Richter scale this was the most destructive earthquake ever in Chile in terms of the number of people, towns and cities affected. Hundreds of thousands of homes were partially or completely destroyed, reports with reference to Skretting.

The Skretting Chile plants are south of the main impact zone and escaped undamaged but the Skretting Chile employees were concerned for their fellow citizens and together with the company donated US $9,600 to the Teleton Campaign, which helped support Techo para Chile, an organisation that is building houses. Skretting Chile also donated waterproof clothing for the search teams in response to an appeal from the navy via the salmon producers' organisation Salmon Chile.

Chilean contributions were quickly joined by Skretting businesses on four other continents. In response to an internal appeal, employees throughout Skretting donated to the cause. Adding to their efforts, the Skretting Group management agreed to double the amount donated by the employees. Donations were pledged over a two-week period and deducted from March wages. This raised a further US $75,000 for emergency housing projects in Chile, in addition to the money and clothing from Skretting Chile.

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