Simo Fishprocessing GmbH & Co introduces new product line

April 8, 2010 11:20
The most innovative product of Simo Fishprocessing GmbH & Co. KG from Merzig in 2010 is hotsmoked salmon cubes, reports with reference to ESE' release.
For more than 10 years the company Simo is specialized in the production of frozen fish cubes, -crisps and -flakes in raw, cooked and smoked form. The high quality of these products has led to a customer base of leading producers of food from all over Europe, particularly in the range of pizza producers and manufacturers of any kind of ready meals. The use of the fish products in the salad industry was not that easy, since there is an inevitable need for taste and low bacteria counts. The hot-smoked fish products were especially developed for the use in delicatessen salads. Hotsmoked salmon is mainly known as "stremel salmon". The big challenge was to put this stremel salmon into an industrial-usable shape of cubes, slices or crisps. After a development time of more than 12 months, a successful commercial launch at several well-known salad producers could be reached by the beginning of 2010. Hotsmoked salmon cubes combine the pleasing taste of smoke of traditionally smoked salmon with the safeness of a cooked product. Due to the low bacteria counts, long shelf-life without the use of preservatives can be reached. All chilled ready meals or sandwiches offer further fields of application.
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