Significant supply agreement for Aker BioMarines Qrill

May 20, 2011 14:11

Aker BioMarine has signed a 5-year supply agreement for the premium value ingredient QrillTM with BioMar, one of the world's leading aquaculture feed producers, reports with reference to Aker Biomarine.

In the agreement, Aker BioMarine will annually supply a minimum of 3,000 tons QrillTM. This is approximately 30% of Aker BioMarines annual production of QrillTM today. The price for QrillTM is set with a reference to comparable international raw material prices, with an additional premium for the added value of QrillTM.

"Inclusion of QrillTM in feed formulations increases the growth rate of the salmon, as well as decreasing the gut and muscular fat, providing better filet quality," says Kjell Måsøval, senior scientist at BioMar.

"This is the largest feed contract in the history of the modern krill fishery, and a recognition of Aker BioMarines systematic work towards documenting the significant positive effects of QrillTM. We look forward to a solid and longterm collaboration with BioMar", says Matts Johansen, Executive Vice President in Aker BioMarine.

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