Shigoku Oysters Now Available at Santa Monica Seafood

January 18, 2011 10:39

The company is excited to add Taylor Shellfish's unique Shigoku oysters to its oyster selection, reports with reference to Santa Monica Seafood.

Shigoku oysters are Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) grown in the rich waters of Willapa Bay, WA. Shigoku (which means "ultimate" in Japanese) oysters are suspension-grown in bags that are fitted with floats and hung on lines, rising and falling with the tide. This twice-a-day tumble results in a deep, round cup with smooth edges. This compact little package has amazing clean flavor and the tumbling forces the little oyster to "toughen up" a bit, resulting in an exquisite mouthfeel.

The company is offering them in packaged in wooden boxes, 60 delectable oysters to a box.

Like all farmed US and Canadian oysters, Shigoku's get a coveted green rating from the Seafood Watch program.

Although Shigoku oysters grow a bit more quickly than other Pacific offerings, they are still somewhat limited. Please call Santa Monica Seafood representative to discuss options.

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