Seven fish restaurants to spring up in Urals' capital Ekaterinburg

February 28, 2007 11:41

Starting from the current year 2007 at least seven seafood restaurants are to be opened in the Urals' million-strong capital Ekaterinburg.

According to the city's vice mayor Viktor Konteyev, the development is expected to rectify the the poor presence of fish on the menus and insufficient expertise in seafood cooking which has been discovered at the recent Ekaterinburg culinary competition.

The event has been conducted in cooperation with the city's major supermarket centre which has more than 100 seafood items on its counters, while chefs participating in the competition have used only three fish species for their dishes. As a result, the municipal authorities have concluded that the city's restaurants have to offer more seafood to the visitors and the business community has been urged to step up development of the sector.

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