Seafood meeting with the Russian President

April 27, 2010 11:50

This week kicked off with a state visit by Russian President Dmitrij Medvedev to Oslo, Norway. An important part of the program was a business conference with attendance from private companies and officials from Norway and Russia. CEO Terje E. Martinussen from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC) was granted a separate meeting with President Medvedev of Russia during the conference, reports with reference to NSEC.

Martinussen complimented the Russian President on the achievements to make the Barents Sea fisheries sustainable. Martinussen emphasized the joint Norwegian -Russian fisheries commission which stands as a unique example of bilateral fisheries management.

Broader access to Russian market

Martinussen also took the opportunity to point out to President Dmitrij Medvedev the importance of the Russian seafood market. The Russian market is already the second largest seafood market for Norway and Mr. Martinussen suggested that Russia might become the number one market very soon. To make this happen Mr. Martinussen addressed a critical element in the trade. Today only 25 Norwegian companies holds export licenses for salmon to Russia while 35-40 companies would like to enter the trade. To establish an open trade between the two countries the veterinary arrangements should be revised according to Mr. Martinussen. Medvedev listened with interest to the suggestions from the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Terje E. Martinussen was very pleased with the conversation with the Russian President. - NSEC represents the markets interests of the Norwegian Seafood Industry and to address this issue at this level was of importance to many Norwegian exporters, said Martinussen.

Both the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and the Minister of trade, Trond Giske stressed the importance of the seafood trade in their speeches held at the conference. Through the meeting between NSEC and the Russian President seafood was once again at the center of attention.

More Norwegian salmon and herring to our Russian neighbors

The spotlight on seafood should come as no surprise as seafood counts for 80% of the exports from Norway to Russia. In year 2009 Russia was second only to France when the list of Norwegian Seafood markets was concluded. So far, Russia is slightly ahead of France on the list for 2010 as the Russian population increases its spending in Norwegian Seafood. 

Monday afternoon, His Majesty King Harald of Norway held a state dinner in the honor of the Russian visit. According to the royal castle Norwegian Herring and Salmon, both Russian favorites, was on the menu.

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