Seafood export from Russian EEZ border of Russia grew by 18%

December 22, 2008 16:27

Export of fish and other aquatic products harvested in the World Ocean and exported to foreign stated without calls to Russian ports (beyond customs border) in January-November 2008 amounted to 434 million USD and rose as compared to the corresponding period of last year by 18%, reports ( with reference to PrimaMedia.

In natural figures, export amounted to 245,500 tonnes, 6.7% up on last year. Seafood was exported to 8 countries (outside CIS) with the largest export values recorded for South Korea (146.7 million USD or 33.8%), China (96.6 million USD or 22.3%), Japan (74.7 million USD or 17.2%) and Germany (58.3 million USD or 13.4%).

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