Seafood export figures from Vladivostok-led Primorye

August 30, 2007 16:05

In January-July 2007 Vladivostok-based fishing vessels harvested and exported 165,500 tonnes to foreign states without calling at Russian ports at a total sum of 242.4 million USD with the volume rising by 2.5% on the corresponding period last year. South Korea was the most frequent destination of Vladivostok's seafood exports.

Fresh and frozen fish were dominating in export supplies and amounted to 133,201 tonnes, while the smallest share of 1.8 tonnes was recorded for salted liver and salted roes. The province's total catch sold to foreign markets in January-July 2007 exceeded 165,000 of finfish, shellfish, mollusks and other aquatic species.

According Primorskstat, finfish, shellfish and mollusks harvested by Vladivostok-based fleets were exported to eight countries. The largest export values were recorded for South Korea (100 million USD or 41.3%), China (85.8 million USD or 35.4%), Germany (22.2 million USD or 9.2%) and Japan (15.9 million USD or 6.5%).

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