Scientists propose increased TACs of sea urchin and humpback shrimp in the Primorye subarea

April 22, 2008 16:14
The TACs advice for sea urchin and humpback shrimp (Pandalus hypsinotus) in the Primorye subarea has been increased as compared to 2007. Such information was reported by the TINRO-Center's (research institute) specialists during the public consultations about the forecasts of sea urchin TAC and the updating of humpback shrimp TAC in the Primorye subarea in 2008.

The ARPP Primorye Fishermen's Association has come forward as the initiator of the consultations.

During the consultations the ARPP Association introduced a new biological substantiation of sea urchin TAC, based on the data of surveys conducted in the Primorye subarea in 2007 by the ARPP Association with extra backing from the survey's data of 2006.

Thus the improved TAC of sea urchin in the Primorye subarea will total 1,263 tonnes, including 795 tonnes of grey sea urchin and 468 tonnes of black sea urchin.

Besides, the specialists of the TINRO-Center and VNIRO (Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography) recommended to catch in the southern sector of the Primorye subarea 493 tonnes of humpback shrimp instead of the earlier advice of 286 tonnes, according to the data of VNIRO's specialized survey conducted in 2007. These data showed the increase of commercial humpback shrimp stock in the investigated area.

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