Scientists come forward with feeding herring forecast for the Russian Far East

August 6, 2007 11:46

The total allowable catch of herring of the Russian Far East in 2007 amounts to 212,900 metric tons as defined by the order of Russia's Ministry of Agriculture No.409 dated 2 November 2006.

Taking into account the catch during pre-spawning and spawning seasons, in the autumn-winter period of 2007 the fishermen of the Russian Far East still have to harvest ca.103,000 tonnes of feeding herring, according to the scientific forecast of TINRO-Centre research institute. The bulk of the above figure, namely ca.90%, will be contributed by the Okhotsk herring at 71,400 metric tons and the Gizhiginsko-Kamchatka herring at 22,000 tonnes.

The forecast has been discussed at the meeting of TINRO-Centre research institute. The figures have been calculated from regional projections of the basin's research institutes and laboratories.

The forecast makers have been guided mostly by the task to analyze the current condition of various herring classes and to give their recommendations as to herring catches.

The forecast covers expected hydrological conditions in the seas of the Russian Far East during the coming fishing season, condition of particular herring classes, fishery analysis and outlook for the herring fishery in the second half of 2007. Along with the above, the forecast gives the coefficient of raw fish use to make Bering and Okhotsk herring products. The document also covers legal aspects and fishery regulation measures, Russian herring market analysis as well as herring import by Japan and South Korea.

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