Scientists announcing results of stock surveys in Russia's Far East

December 8, 2010 16:01
In early December 2010 scientists from Vladivostok-based TINRO-Centre fishery research institute have gathered to discuss results of stock surveys in the seas of the Russian Far East Basin, reports ( with reference to the institute.

According to the scientists, trawl pelagic surveys in the shelf of the northwest part of the Bering Sea have revealed that 93% of the total biological mass of fish stocks in the area belong to pollock (48.1% or 1.13 million metric tons) and herring (44.8% or 1.056 million metric tons). Those figures make it possible to suppose that the current condition of pelagic fish is stably average now. The average total biomass of trawl macro-zoobenthos (basket stars, sea stars and sponges) in the Bering Sea in 2010 amounts to 3287±681.3 kg/m², twice down on 2008.

In the period from 2005 to 2010 there have been no noticeable changes in redistribution of commercial concentrations, size and abundancy of crab miomass. In the year 2010 in terms of abundance and biomass of commercial males dominating species have been snow crab opilio, blue king crabs and triangle tanner crabs with the general condition of crab populations declared as satisfactory.

Stocks of commercial shrimps are also in stable condition, the biomass of pink shrimp has been found in keeping with that of 2008.

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