Science quotas on catch of aqua bio-resources in Russia will be cancelled in 2009

February 1, 2008 10:04

The government of Russian Federation intends to cancel the science quotas on the catch of aqua bio-resources in 2009 and to go over to the financing of the science research from the federal budget, informed the head of the Russia's State Fisheries Andrey Krainy.

The governing body of the committee has suggested abandoning to the science quotas. "We suggested abandoning to this quasi-money and to go over to the budget financing of, the government approves" - said Krainy.
At present the science quotas on the bioresources catch in value make about RUB2,8-3 billion. As the head of State Fisheries noted "less than 1% of the total quotas amount is needed for the goals of science". So, if the the total amount of quotas in 2008 makes 3,8 million tonnes than 30-35 thousand tones fall to the share of science. "Science has to be profitable, so we suggested to cancel such quotas" - Krainy said. He added that about RUB 5-7 billion are needed to be allocated from the federal budget annually for the scientific purposes.


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