Santa Monica Seafood Releases List of Tasty Alternatives To Help Make Menus More Sustainable

December 1, 2010 15:19
In a new Responsible Sourcing section on Santa Monica Seafood's web site an area can be found that is called Red List Alternatives, and there the company's suggestions for alternatives to popular seafood items that have been ranked as red due to farming practices, low populations, damaging harvest techniques and other reasons can be found, reports with reference to Santa Monica Seafood.

If someone is looking to make a change on menu and want to swap out a red listed species for something more sustainable, this section will be helpful.

Customers come to expect signature dishes, and often the more popular seafood choices, like some types of shrimp or farmed salmon, fall under the red category. They appreciate how difficult this is, and focus their sourcing efforts on finding responisble choices, even within red listed species.

It also wants to be very clear that even when a species is classified as red one can rest assured that it has been sourced from a legal fishery, and if the company imported it, it did so in a way that eliminated the possibility of accepting fish from an Illegal, Unreported or Unregulated (IUU) fishery. Additionally, many of the farms we buy from are either certified or are in the process of being certified by BAP, Global Gap or the ASC, which are themselves in the process of multi-stake holder dialogues refining best farming standards.

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