Santa Monica Seafood Launched New Product Guide- A Simpler Path to Responsible Seafood Sourcing

December 3, 2010 12:16

A new Product Guide of Santa Monica Seafood is an important part of the company's Responsible Sourcing Section, and they designed it to keep customers informed about the products carried, reports with reference to Santa Monica Seafood.

The company has spent a lot of time and energy researching its entire inventory. Is it farmed or wild?  If it's wild, how is it caught?  Questions like those are just the beginning, as evaluation of inventory items is ongoing.

The seafood rating system is designed to help customers make responsible choices when it comes to sourcing sustainable seafood for menu.  The company has worked with Monterey Bay Aquarium to apply their Seafood Watch color coded program to Santa Monica's inventory.

Santa Monica's color code system also includes one additional category - "Blue."  For some of the species rated Red by MBA, the company has conducted its own investigation and determined they are a good choice within their class and place them in the "Blue" category.

  • Green = best choice
  • Yellow = good alternative
  • Red = avoid
  • Blue = vetted by Santa Monica Seafood as a good choice
  • Grey = unranked

Sometimes a species of fish or shellfish has not received a specific ranking from the MBA because the Seafood Watch team has not had the capacity to complete the report. These choices are ranked grey.  They should NOT be assumed to be red; but should remain unranked at this point.

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