Santa Bremor commissioning first fishmarket in Minsk's heart

December 30, 2008 15:25

Leading seafood importer, exporter and producer in Belarus Santa Bremor has launched the first fishmarket Santa Fish in the centre of Minsk, Belarus capital, to offer customers a whole range of seafood from all over world, reports ( with reference to the company.

More specifically, the product range on offer covers both traditional species and products such as trout fillets, Atlantic salmon barbecue, sturgeon, octopus, dried squid, laminaria, etc. and exotic species such as catfish from Cambodia, rabbitfish, pampanito and congrio.

The fishmarket trades in chilled, frozen, dried fish, products ready for baking, marinated, salted and smoked fish. Along with the above, the customers will find there a whole range of products under the TM Santa Bremor. The company's range includes fish roe, marinated fish, surimi-based products, salads, spreads, etc.

Santa Fish claims to offer lower prices for its products as compared to other shops of the nation's capital. The thing is that Santa Bremor supplies its products range to the supermarket directly, that is without any intermediaries. Santa Bremor says it works with the largest fishing companies of Norway, Iceland, Cyprus and Russia. Freshwater fish supplied to the company's factory is harvested by fishing artels of Belarus.

Ready-to-eat products

The fishmarket has a department for ready-to-eat products. More specifically, the department offers seafood dishes to be warmed up before eating and completely ready-to-eat salads. The department's chefs will cook such restaurant dishes as steaks, cakes, shrimps in jelly, octopus, sharks, squid, swordfish and pancakes with caviar.

Moreover, the customers are welcome to order fish dishes to the holiday table. Subject to order in due time chefs will cook two stuffed pikes for family table or twenty-two pikes for anniversary table.

Besides, the fishmarket offers services of gutting, cleaning and cutting fish to the order.

Santa Fish has become the first trial shop in a chain of fish markets which are supposed to offer a wide range of fish products at affordable prices and at discounts for restaurants, canteens and small shops.

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