Samherji: Bjorgulfur EA passes 1000 million ISK

December 14, 2010 09:50

Bjorgulfur EA 312 arrived in Dalvik harbor on 13 December fully loaded with 115 tons of fish, reports with reference to Samherji.

The catch was mainly cod that goes directly on to the processing line in Samherji´s Fish factory in Dalvik. Including this fishing trip´s value of just over 25 million ISK Bjorgulfur has passed catch value of 1000 million ISK this year, for the first time in it´s history. On this occasion the ship´s crew was greeted with a large cream cake.

Bjorgulfur EA has been catching for the fish factory in Dalvik ever since arriving new in the year 1977. "This achievement is excellent, especially in view of the ship being tied up for 5 weeks last summer. Last years value was 970 million but now the ship will probably be landing another three times so it will go well past the one billion mark this year. In spite of this great quantity the crew has endeavored to deliver outstanding quality to the processing line, but excellent quality and sales prospects are the controlling factors in the ship´s fishing activities at each time", sais Kristjan Vilhelmsson Managing Director of Samherji´s Ships operations.

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