Salmons in the Russian Far East to be harvested under more favourable regulations

February 26, 2009 16:09

In 2009 the salmon fishery in 2009 will be regulated in a different way as compared to the previous years, reports ( with reference to Vostok-Media.

According to the recent amendments in the federal legislation, as of 2009 sockeye, chum and pink salmons will not be regulated by the TACs, but regional quotas will remain in force. Elimination of the TACs is supposed to let the regions revise the companies' allocations directly during the season depending on the intensity of the runs, thus avoiding extra red tape and saving time on changing the TAC which would have been subject to complicated approvals by the government in Moscow.

The above fisheries will also be regulated by other factors, such as time periods, fishing areas and fishing gear. Actually, the fishery regulatory measures, which will substitute the TAC system, will be set in accordance with the current Fishery Regulations and approved by head of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency.

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