Salmon roe market in Moscow sinking

April 24, 2009 12:39

The situation on the market of salted salmon roe (bulk) has got worse as per the fourth week of April 2009, analysts of ( concluded after analyzing the current situation on the market.

According to the market participants, the roe market has been facing big problems due to a number of factors such as weakening of demand for delicatessen products, coldstores overstocking and closing end of the product's sales. In this connection a large volume of salmon roe has become half-legal, while prices for salted salmon roe of medium quality have sank to RUB700.00 per kilo. High quality salmon roe is in short supply and prices for the product have remained high so far. In general, wholesalers say that the roe quality is not high. Many of them have sent salmon roe for canning at Moscow-based processors in order to find a way out of the difficult situation and at least to return the invested money. However, according to the market participants, the Russian market is not able to consume so much of canned salmon roe. Now the wholesale price per 140-gram can of salmon caviar amounts to ca.RUB125. The wholesalers are going to revise their plans as to purchases of salmon roe from the new season of 2009 with regard to the current situation.

As per the fourth week of April 2009, frozen sockeye and coho salmon roe in skeins has been offered at RUB500.00-600.00 per kilo. Pink salmon roe in skeins has been offered from RUB700.00 per kilo, VAT inclusive.

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