Salmon ranching plant increasing releases of chum juveniles

December 11, 2007 16:18
Salmon ranching station based in Barabash, Primorskiy Krai Territory (capital Vladivistok), has significantly increased the reproduction of valuable salmon species. In 2007 the plant raised and released into native habitat more than 8 million chum juveniles. The whole process of water bio-resources reproduction is constantly controlled by Primorskiy Krai Territory Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Rosselkhoznadzor.

The specialists of Rosselkhoznadzor monitor such processes as hatching, growing and release into native habitat during the entire production cycle of the plant.

They thoroughly examine roe collection units, the departments' condition, the condition of the water-supply system and so on. As the latest checks show, the stocking of roe is carried out in accordance with the Rosselkhoznadzor' standards and recommendations based on the results of previous checks.

The concerted efforts of the specialists from Rosselkhoznadzor and Federal State Enterprise "Primorrybvod" have led to the considerable increase of the chum juveniles' production at the salmon ranching plant in Barabash since the time when Rosselkhoznadzor began performing its functions in 2005. That year about 7 million chum juveniles were released into native habitat in comparison with more than 8 million released in 2007.

However, in spite of the salmonids' reproduction growth, the plant is experiencing serious difficulties. There is a need to carry out the reconstruction of the water-supply system, the rebuilding of gravity conduit, roe collection unit along with the building of additional water supply source, clarifying tank and also it is necessary to repair manufacturing facilities. All this will allow to increase production capacity of the plant and in the future to reach the designed production capacity of 44 million stocked eggs.

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