Salmon and saury dominate in Sakhalin canned fish output

March 4, 2008 15:55

In 2007 Sakhalin factories produced 41,728,000 nominal cans of fish (ca.325 grams), accounting for 82.5% of the level of 2006, according to Anatoly Usenko deputy head of the province's Fisheries Department as quoted by Sakhalin-Kurily.

In the recent three years the region's output of canned fish and non-finfish products has been decreasing due to rising cost of tins, electricity rates, fuel and railway tariffs.

The bulk of the province's canned fish output has been contributed by salmon and saury. The output includes 64% of canned fish natural, 9% of canned fish in oil, 14.3% of canned shellfish (sea cucumber, sea scallops, laminaria, etc.), 3.5% of marinated fish preserves and 0.9% of canned fish in tomato source. All the products are supplied to the domestic market, mostly, to Saint Petersburg, Moscow region, Primorsky Krai Territory (capital Vladivostok), Khabarovsky Krai Territory, Amur and Sakhalin regions.

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