Sales of Russian pollock roe in Busan in 2011

May 20, 2011 11:07

Practically speaking, the auctions season is over.  Almost all roe produced this year has been sold, little volumes of product under way to Busan will not change total statistics.  As usual, real prices are not always known and difficult to find out, but discussing with buyers and sellers can provide quite a lot of information.

As already been said, right after the Golden week price went up - for just a day, and that was the peak of the season.  During the break buyers calculated their inventory, unsold slack and it turned out that very little good quality roe was available this year, though plenty of low grades.  Top quality product from Akros was sold out immediately - some say during inspection, small volumes of good quality (or at least good size!) product from BAMR, Blaf and some other companies received pretty good prices close to $11.00 or even higher quite quickly too.  Those who produced high volume average quality couldn't boast this time.  Their negotiations were hard and not always fruitful.

So, below the bottom line we can see that average price for the season was ninety cents higher than a year ago.  As usual top price was received by Akros and small producers from Kamchatka.  BAMR, ORF and Blaf followed in the race.  Most companies achieved higher prices than a year ago, but comparing the change with average increase, it is clearly seen that not many companies increased their price (in most cases it means quality).  They are companies who sell their product via Pacific Andes group as well as Pilenga, BAMR, Blaf and Magsea. The others probably didn't care much about quality.

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