Sakhalin to tap Russia's HoReCa market for seafood

April 2, 2009 17:25

Vice -Governor of Sakhalin region Sergey Karepkin has conducted a business conference with local and Moscow interests in order to develop fresh, live and frozen seafood supply chain from Sakhalin to the mainland of Russia, reports (

According to La Mare Company, one of the market players present at the meeting, they supply seafood products to Moscow restaurants from more than 20 countries. Their products are delivered live to the end-consumers. La Mare Company also has customers in Sakhalin and sometimes the seafood consignments go from Sakhalin to Moscow and then some of the products may be sent back to the restaurants in Sakhalin. According to La Mare, speaking about seafood products supplied to Japanese restaurants in Sakhalin's capital Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk these establishments could import only tuna as other products are available on the local market. At the same time the inshore fishery potential in Sakhalin remains poorly be developed.

The president of Restaurant and Hotel Federation Igor Bukharov also believes that the Sakhalin seafood market has a great potential. Meanwhile, it is strange to see when seafood products from Pacific Russia come to Moscow restaurants through the Japanese fish ports. Naturally, that in the period of financial crisis many companies have been looking for more direct ways of delivery.

According to the Moscow-based traders, for example Morskoy Stil XXI Company, nobody disputes the quality of seafood products of Sakhalin origin is absolutely evident. Russian flounder of a very good quality is no worse than French turbot but the problem is who will deliver it to Moscow.

The delivery of live and fresh fish from Sakhalin has a great potential on the market as it has not been fully developed.

It is known that the technology of packing of live and fresh seafood products was invented in the rest of the world long time ago and La Mare Company says it is ready to establish the necessary packing facilities in the region.

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