Sakhalin hatcheries stocking ca.0.9 billion salmon eggs

November 13, 2009 12:31

Sakhalin salmon farms have almost completed stocking salmon roe for hatching, reports ( with reference to IA SAKH.COM.

More specifically, as per 11 November 2009 fish farms based in Sakhalin and Kuriles stocked 867.1 million fertilized eggs of Pacific salmons, of which 419.4 million eggs of pink salmon, 445.5 million eggs of chum salmon, 1.2 millions eggs of coho salmon and 900,000 eggs of masu salmon. The stocking target has been therefore fulfilled at 97.7% with the largest contribution of 592.3 million eggs stocked by the state-owned salmon hatcheries. Private fish farms have covered the target at 94.5% as they have stocked 274.7 million salmon eggs for hatching.

In early November 2009 two fish hatcheries based in Iturup continueв harvesting and stocking salmon eggs. The "breeding" season was to get closed in the middle of the month, according to press-service of Sakhalin-Kurile Territorial Department of Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency.

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